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The Change Agent is more than just a magazine! We also provide key supports for teachers and students. See our extensive resources listed below.

FREE! Census 2020 Pages
This is a collection of articles and activities related to the 2020 Census from Issue #50: Stand Up and Be Counted (available now online). Also, see Lesson Packets #19-22 for more ideas about how to teach about the 2020 Census.)

FREE! For Beginners
Try out this collection of beginning-level pieces grouped into easy-to-use themed packets.

FREE! Lesson Packets — no online subscription required
Lesson plans with Change Agent articles selected from across issues. Watch as new items are added to the collection.

Newsletter Archive
Are you looking for an activity or article we previously promoted but can’t remember which newsletter it was in? Check this listing of our previous newsletters arranged by date with a description of the contents now!

Index with Article Reading Levels and Audio
Use this article index to find article reading levels for all issues since Issue 31. Subscribers can link directly to the articles that have been converted to audio format.

Using Audio in the Classroom
Listening to The Change Agent articles read aloud can help learners improve their reading skills.

Strategies for Using The Change Agent in the Classroom
Pre-reading, reading, and post-reading tips for lessons using articles from The Change Agent.

Invite Students to Write for The Change Agent
Use our Call for Articles as a writing prompt, and give students a chance to write authentically about a topic that matters to them and share their story with tens of thousands of peers all across the country.

Change Agent Webinar Recordings
Since Issue 35 we’ve been offering free webinars introducing teachers to the new issue. Past webinars recordings are available here.

College and Career Readiness Standards
Apply the College and Career Readiness Standards using The Change Agent. See how the Technology issue has been aligned to the standards.

Evidence-Based Reading Instruction
Read how The Change Agent can be used as a tool for evidence-based reading instruction.

Through the Lens of Social Justice: Using The Change Agent in Adult Education
Through the Lens of Social Justice celebrates The Change Agent’s first 10 years of providing social justice resources to adult educators. The book is both a gathering of its best and most timeless pieces and a guide for educators in how to use the magazine. It addresses the needs of both new and experienced ESOL, ABE and GED practitioners.

Teaching with Political and Editorial Cartoons
Explore ideas for using The Change Agent’s political and editorial cartoons in this article by Jackie Taylor.