Videos about How to Teach with The Change Agent

1. Find the Main Idea. Uses an article from the “Hair” issue (#46) by a young man from Nicaragua who leaves his mother behind when he comes to the U.S. and promises not to cut his hair until he sees her again. The activity drills down on the mechanics of finding the main idea, but we also talk about how powerful and moving student writing can provide scaffolding to literacy experiences that students might not otherwise be drawn to, and these experiences can build trust and community in the classroom.
2. Using Text Elements to Build Comprehension. From the “Career Pathways” issue (#45).
3. Using Graphic Organizers. From the “Transportation” issue (#43).
4. Citing Evidence from the Text + Grammar + Other CCRS-Aligned Activities. From the “Celebrating Freedom on Juneteenth” article in the “Celebrations” issue (#41).
5. Learning to Write by Studying a Writer. From “Prisons and Justice?” issue (#40).
6. Evidence-based and Explicit Reading Instruction (with reading specialist, Carey Reid). From the “All About Food” issue (#39).
7. Integrating Math and ELA Content with a focus on CCRS connections and two articles: “Using Math to Start a Poultry Farm” and “Representation Matters: Black Women and Girls in Math.” From the “Our Math Stories” issue (#47).