An Important Message from The Change Agent:
Due to writing and editing errors, an article titled “Thanksgiving: How Much Is Myth?” in the Indigenous Peoples issue of The Change Agent includes direct quotes without direct attribution. We are deeply sorry for this mistake. Although we did include sources at the end of the article, we failed to use quotation marks in two instances, and that is a form of plagiarism. The PDF version of the Indigenous Peoples issue (available online to those who have an online subscription) now includes the corrected article. This version includes complete endnotes rather than a list of sources at the end. For those who do not have an online subscription, the corrected version is available here. Native American people in the U.S. have suffered a long history of violence and theft of lives, land, language, and intellectual property. The work of people like Judy Dow — especially her exhaustive original research on the myths of Thanksgiving — makes essential contributions to our understanding of history. We honor and respect her work, and we recognize that without it (and without the work of others like her, such as Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker), our work at The Change Agent would be impossible.