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Current Issue

Issue 46, March 2018 – Hair

It’s a major topic in many mainstream magazines. And now we’re taking a look at it, too!

We all think about it — sometimes fussing over it and sometimes enjoying it. It figures prominently in definitions of beauty; we fight with our kids about it; students can get expelled from school because of it; laws and religious rules are made about it; we work as hairdressers and spend money on hair; and we might even make ourselves sick from the products we put on it. Everyone has something to say about hair! Continue reading


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Webinar: Using the Hair Issue of The Change Agent in the Classroom

This webinar will give you an overview of the content, which covers a huge range of topics written by students: about working in salons and barbershops, sweet (as well as painful) childhood memories of hair, hair in the context of disease and even war, and the issues that hair raises for women and men and people of all races and ethnicities.

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