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More Big Changes!

You spoke. We listened. We have long been the only national source of engaging, relevant, student-written content that teaches basic skills, digital literacy, and critical thinking. And now we are making our offerings even more accessible. We are organizing The Change Agent content to come out more often with more easy-to-use lesson packets and with more beginner-level adaptations. Here are the specifics:

  • We are moving from two to three issues per year — each one published sufficiently ahead of the new semester so that you have time to integrate the content into your lesson plans. Release dates for the coming school year will be August 15th, November 15th, and February 15th.
  • We are busy creating new and exciting, remote-friendly content, including slide show articles with audio narration.
  • We want your students to get published in The Change Agent, so we’re offering some help! Our February issue will have a focus on writing, and it will include tips about how to write and submit.

The content for this coming year is centered around work, especially how it changed during the pandemic:


Issue #53, August 15, 2021:
Doing our Jobs and Taking Care of Our Children

Issue #54, November 15, 2021:
Advocating for Our Communities and for Our Safety on the Job

Issue #55, February 15, 2022:
Re-Training Ourselves and Re-Making Our Work


To make all this possible, we need you to subscribe, and we’ve made it very inexpensive for you! An individual one-year subscription, which gets you and your students access to all our online content, costs just $30 per year. If you are buying for 25 or more teachers, the cost is $20 per teacher per year. If you are part of a different kind of institution (like a library), contact us about rates.

View the Newsletter Archive.