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May 16, 2022 Highlighting Asian and Pacific American Writers
April 18, 2022 A Stipend for Student Writing!
Mar 28, 2022 $50 gift card for students!
February 10, 2022 Re-Training Ourselves, Re-Making Our Work out next Tuesday, February 15th!
January 13, 2022 Looking for high-interest, engaging materials to teach basic skills next semester?
November 22, 2021 Issue #54: Advocating for Our Communities and for Our Safety on the Job Lessons for Native American Heritage Month
October 21, 2021 Ready? Set? Blog! Discussing Race in the Adult Education Classroom: Dalsaint
September 22, 2021 Use Student Writing to Explore Careers
August 16, 2021 Preparing for Fall Classes? We Have What You Need!
July 28, 2021 More Big Changes at The Change Agent!
June 18, 2021 Vibrant Art and First-Person Story for Teaching about Juneteenth Lesson Packets in beginnerintermediate, and advanced versions
May 14, 2021 Your Fiscal Year Is Ending? The Change Agent Is Here for You!
April 12, 2021 Student stories in multiple formats
March 16, 2021 Adult students discuss mental health during the pandemic
February 25, 2021 New Call for Submissions + our Race issue is FREE!
January 25, 2021 Here’s how you use The Change Agent!
December 1, 2020 Our 3 Rs: Relevant, Robust, Ready-to-use
  • Find short videos here with strategies for how to teach using Change Agent articles.
November 12, 2020 From Hands-On to Online: Students Discuss What It Is Like!
October 22, 2020 One story. THREE formats! All FREE!
  • “Pandemic Haircut” by Shuk Chun Yiu (PDF)
  • “Pandemic Haircut” (Google Slides version)
  • “Pandemic Haircut” (Audio version)
September 17, 2020 Pandemic Issue Is Here + Two Free Webinars + New Call for Articles
August 10, 2020 Changes at The Change Agent — We have BIG news!
June 8, 2020 Free Teaching Materials for Talking about Race
  • “Facing Racism” Lesson Packet
  • “Juneteenth” Lesson Packet
  • “Talking About Race” Webinar Recording
May 6, 2020 Two Ready-to Use, Online Teaching Tools for You!
  • Summer Reading Log Sample
April 17, 2020 Published Students Receive $50 — Topic: Pandemic
March 2, 2020 Look What We Made for ESOL Students: A Replica of the Online Census Questionnaire!
  • Online Census 2020 replica
February 14, 2020 Out Now: Issue #50 (Stand Up and Be Counted) + March 5th Webinar!
  • Issue #50 release announcement
  • March 5th webinar announcement
January 15, 2020 Stand Up and Be Counted!
  • Census Quiz
November 14, 2019 We Gamified this Newsletter!
  • “Gamification” by Ed Latham from issue #49
  • Jeopardy + Kahoot games based on article
October 17, 2019 A Free, Fun, Engaging Activity You Can Do Today!
  • “I Still Like to Hula Hoop” by Yol Hui Scott from issue #49
  • Lesson activity based on article
September 11, 2019 We All Need to Play!
  • Beginner Lesson Activity Packets
August 14, 2019 For Beginners!
June 18, 2019 Summer Reading for your Students!
  • Summer Reading Log for articles
May 16, 2019 Easier-to-read articles collected here!
  • Beginning Literacy Adaptations Packet from issue #48
April 16, 2019 Teaching with Audio: A Powerful Reading by the Poet Herself!
  • “Love Lesson in a Time of Settler Colonialism” by Tanaya Winder from issue #48 + audio
  • “Thanksgiving: How Much is Myth?” by Andy Nash
March 4, 2019 FREE webinar March 14: Teaching with the Indigenous Peoples issue of The Change Agent
February 13, 2019 First Time A Baby Laughs
  • “Laughing for the First Time” by Hannabah Blue from issue #48
January 14, 2019 Coming March 2019: Indigenous Peoples
October 17, 2018 Our Math Stories: Now with Audio!
September 14, 2018 Available Now: Our Math Stories
August 15, 2018 What Do I Notice? What Do I Wonder?
July 18, 2018 Happy Middles!
  • “Can I Still Be Somebody?” by Zenaida Garcia from issue #45
  • Interview with Zenaida Garcia
June 22, 2018 Highlights Are Not Just For Hair!
May 16, 2018 DIY Hair and Sustainability!
  • Lesson Packet based on issue #46