Celebrating Black History Month

“Jubilee” by Sonia Sadler. Used with permission from Inez Sadler.

“Jubilee” by Sonia Sadler. Used with permission from Inez Sadler.

For Black History Month, The Change Agent is highlighting pieces from nearly all corners of the diaspora. From an incarcerated person finding strength and healing through peer counseling to a Jamaican wedding attendee connecting with African culture through fashion, these stories touch a myriad of experiences. Read the free pieces or subscribe here to read them all. And stay tuned as we add more pieces through the month!

Title Page Level Issue
He Thought I was an African Princess [Read] 23 4 31
Celebrating Freedom on Juneteenth [Read] Extras 4 41
headphonesI Celebrate My Race 53 6 42
Representation Matters! [Read] 24 10 47
I Am a Survivor and an Advocate [Read] 30 9 52
Moving from Anguish to Power (Google slideshow) 52
(A Fragrant Life of) Food, Poverty, and Immigration [Read] 10 4 56
Undocumented and Determined [Read] 9 6 57
Fight on `til the End [PDF] 22 7 44


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