Here are two ways you can help us…

1. Reach out to teachers, programs, libraries — anyone who might subscribe:
  1. Please help us increase our subscriber base by actually  reaching out yourself to programs and library systems that you are familiar with and asking them to subscribe or add to their subscriptions. We have a very small staff, so don’t just contact us with ideas. Contact potential subscribers and share the materials offered below. They are more likely to respond to someone they know. Put the powerful force of word-of-mouth to use!
  2. If you have contacts at large library systems, literacy networks, and/or large programs, and you think it makes more sense for us to be in touch, please let me know. If we can pitch The Change Agent and pull in a sizable single subscription (rather than lots of small ones), that makes a big difference to sustainability.
  3. Need materials to share with prospective subscribers?
    • Print out or email this 2-page PDF to anyone you think might be interested. It describes The Change Agent in general terms, as well as the current issue more specifically.
    • Share this 2-minute video tour of our website, so they can see the depth and breadth of resources we have to offer.
    • Direct people to our subscriber page, where they can choose print subscriptions and/or online subscriptions. Print is available individually ($12 per year) or bulk sets of 25 ($110 per year). Online access costs just $20 per teacher per year, and teachers can share their access with all their students.
2. Donate!
We need funding to cover costs and to develop digital tools to make The Change Agent more accessible in more formats. Please donate, and please spread the word to others who might be willing. We have a donor willing to contribute $5000 if we can match it. We are asking another large donor if he will match this donation. We are asking all of you if, with your medium and small donations, you could match it again — helping us raise a total of $15,000.