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We Were on Our Honeymoon

But No One Believed We Were Paying Customers

Roxana Martinez

martinez-murcia-headshotIn June of 2012, my husband and I, who are from El Salvador, went to Miami for our honeymoon. We spent two weeks in a hotel there. Sadly, the hotel staff did not treat us fairly.

On several occasions the security guards questioned us about our stay at the hotel. Several times, they asked to see our identification and asked us about our room number. They acted as if we could not possibly be paying customers. When we sat in the dining room, the waiter served everyone except us. He totally ignored us. We were both upset because he was discriminating against us.

We were sad that the hotel staff discriminated against us on our honeymoon. It is an example of racism. We were treated differently because of our race. In my opinion, racism in the United States continues to be a big problem.

Roxana Martinez is an ESOL student in Fayetteville, AR.

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