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What Can You Do If You Are Not a Citizen?

Dieuseul Camille

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you might think that you can’t participate in a U.S. election. Actually, you can! How?

There are various ways to get involved. You can engage in debates and discussions. You can set up little meetings with friends and talk about the issues that are important to you. You can set up meetings at school, at church, or at work.

Also, you can try to motivate your friends who are U.S. citizens to vote. At my job, I have many friends who can vote, so I will organize a meeting with them to convince them to vote for candidates that I think will do a good job. I will make sure they register to vote and they know where to go to vote.

Voting is an obligation for all citizens! Even if you are not eligible to vote, there is still a lot you can do. I suggest you help educate people about the issues and make sure that everyone around you votes!

Dieuseul Camille is a student at the Community Learning Center in Cambridge, MA. When he inishes studying, he hopes to get his GED. He is from Haiti, and he came to the U.S. in 2014. He thinks that voting is important because he has seen how many bad things can happen in the government and believes that voting helps people choose a good leader who will do the right things.

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