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Who Counts? Everyone!

Cynthia Peters

It is very important that we count everyone. But some people are not counted. People of color, immigrants, and people who are learning English are undercounted.Children are the most undercounted group. In 2010, the census did not count more than a million children under age five.

When people are filling out the census, they wonder: do children count? Yes, they do! Count all the children who live with you. They could be your own children or your grandchildren or your friend’s children.Count them all. If your baby is just one day old, count that baby!

Your community needs schools, health care, and housing. The census wants to get a big picture of who lives in the U.S. so they can plan for the next 10 years.The next census isn’t until 2030. Make sure to count everyone who lives with you!

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