Welcome to The Change AgentIssue 45: Career Pathways

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Change Agent issue 45

Students have a lot to say about Career Pathways, and we are proud to share their perspectives in this first-ever exploration of the topic from a student point of view.

Hear what they have to say about the challenges and opportunities they face as they work to achieve their goals. Share their hopes and moments of regret as they learn and grow from their sometimes twisted path toward a career. Hear from young people just starting out, older students switching careers, highly skilled immigrants who need new credentials, and those for whom available career pathways don’t quite align with their dreams. Compare pathway maps, lattices, and roadways. Study graphs and charts that encourage critical thinking about job prospects. Support your students to pursue research that will teach them about jobs and careers, as well as how to connect with resources.

Watch this digital story, which accompanies “My Life in Concrete” by Carlos Contreras (p. 24)

Table of Contents

Click on the header to sort the list by title, page or level. To listen to the audio, click on the titles with the headphone icon. Students can work in pairs and use this Fluency Chart with the Audio Articles below.




Career Pathways Q&A 3 7
From Impossible Journey to Successful Career 4 8
headphonesMy Beautiful White Blouse 6 5
Becoming a Paramedic 9 7
Can I Still Be Somebody? 10 6
Can I Still Be Somebody? (picture story) 10 3
headphonesPutting Experience to Work 12 6
A Path through the Pain 14 7
From Mom to Event Planner 16 8
Fight Your Fear 18 7
headphonesWorking Like a Donkey 20 6
headphonesBecoming a Barber 21 5
From Laborer to Architect 22 5
headphonesMy Life in Concrete 24 4
Socorro Means Succor 26 14
headphonesThe Highs and Lows of a Dream Chaser 29 6
Caring for People with Disabilities 30 5
Dyslexia Won’t Get in My Way 31 7
headphonesI Was a Dentist in Syria 32 5
No Risks, No Rewards 34 6
headphonesWhy Not? 35 4
My Winding Career Path 36 6
headphonesCosmetology Didn’t Work Out 37 6
I Stumbled and Got Back Up 38 5
headphonesHurry Up and Wait 40 6
headphonesLearn English and Join a Union 41 7
Wageless Work, Modern Day Slavery 42 8
They Prepare Us to Fail 44 10
My Road to Greatness 45 8
headphonesThe Feeling of Losing a Job 46 5
The Question of Minimum Wage 48 2
Fighting for Higher Wages 49 8
Career Pathways Are Not Enough 51 11
Repaving My Career Path 54 6