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Cosmetology Didn’t Work Out

Raquel Angulo

The career I chose was Cosmetology. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the career I chose. After I finished with the training for this career, it turned out that the credential wasn’t enough.

With my State license in hand, I started looking for a job. It was a nightmare. All the places required that I had experience and could bring my own clientele. I finally got a job, but it only lasted for two weeks. The owner of the salon fired me because my English was not good. I remember she walked me to the main gate of Davis Mountain, which is where I was working. Davis Mountain is a military base in Tucson, Arizona. At that time, the only language that was permitted was English. I left feeling desperate and sad.

Raquel AnguloI never had the chance to practice the skills and talents that I learned in this career. So the years I had at Tucson Beauty College were in vain. But now I’ve come back to school to advance my English, and I am glad.

Raquel Angulo is a student at the El Rio Learning Center of the Adult Basic Education for College and Careers program in Tucson, Arizona. Raquel is a proud mother of four children.

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