Contributor Zenaida Garcia featured in Mosaic Podcast!

Contributor Zenaida Garcia has been featured on the Mosaic podcast, which explores immigration and identity in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. “Zenaida and the vaivén” tracks the history of Zenaida’s early life in Puerto Rico to her current role as a peer counselor at Rhode Island’s Genesis Center. Listen to the episode here and learn more about Zendaia through her work below!

Access “Talking About Race” for Free!


Racial discrimination in the U.S. is a 400-year-old problem that has recently exploded into public consciousness once again. All of our issues include a racial equity dimension, but the “Talking About Race” issue has especially strong resources for talking about race in the classroom. Thanks to some extra funding, we are making this issue FREE for a full year. To access it, please sign up here.