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What’s One Way to Enjoy Your Summer More?

Answer: Knowing that The Change Agent is using this time to prepare ready-to-use, remote-friendly materials for you to use in the coming school year. And we’ve changed our publication schedule to include three releases (instead of two) and to be timed so that you can integrate the content into the upcoming semester.

In last week’s newsletter, we described our new publishing schedule (three times per year instead of two), shared a short video of our new Google slides with audio, and gave a preview of the three issues coming up this year.

This week, we want to let you know about another creative, teacher-friendly tool we are offering: lesson packets that match current articles with content from previous issues to give you a rich, multi-article source of teaching material — each with a unifying theme. For example, student writing in the forthcoming issue about jobs lends itself to career exploration. So, we have created packets that explore several different careers — nursing; peer counseling; and transportation, distribution, and logistics.

So you can relax more during this last month of summer, knowing that here at The Change Agent we are not just generating new, engaging, and moving articles by students that help teach basic skills, but we are also weaving this content together with other articles and teaching tools, so that you when the semester starts, you will be equipped with a rich set of materials that will allow your students to go deeply into a theme.

To make all this possible, we need you to subscribe, and we’ve made it very inexpensive for you! An individual one-year subscription, which gets you and your students access to all our online content, costs just $30 per year. If you are buying for 25 or more teachers, the cost is $20 per teacher per year. If you are part of a different kind of institution (like a library), contact us about rates.

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