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Climate Refugees

Efren Macias Ojeda

What is the difference between immigrant and refugee? Discuss.

The climate is changing all around the world. In some countries, it is too hot or too dry. In some countries, there is flooding. The sea level is rising. People who live near the coast are losing their homes. They have to move. Many immigrants, like me, move to a new country for better economic opportunities. Now, immigrants are also moving to find a better climate.

Why is the climate changing? Because we burn fossil fuels, and that is bad for the environment.

We need to be more careful about how we use energy. We need to care for the water and the environment. We need to protect the planet because if we do not do this, some countries could disappear. Some countries will be impossible to live in. Many people will be refugees looking for a new home. They will be climate refugees.

Map of Countries Most Affected by Extreme Weather Events.

Map of Countries Most Affected by Extreme Weather Events

According to the author, how is climate change creating refugees?

Efren Macias Ojeda is a student at Ysleta Community Learning Center in El Paso, Texas.

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