5 thoughts on “No Thanks to You, Mrs. J

  1. I have read the articles and I can understand the issues that Nicole is having. The last grade level I completed was 6th grade. I struggle everyday with math and more times than not I want to give yup because it is easier than learning math. This time I decided not to because I have wonderful teachers that believe in me and it helps me to believe in myself. I guess what the articles are saying is that even though you didn’t think that you could do it, you can you just need to believe in yourself as much as someone else did.
    I know that I am lucky to have 3 amazing teachers Mr.Bill, Mr.Chris and Mr. Dave. I know as much as I am struggling that I can also complete what I started out to do. I started out to succeed and I know that with the help of my three wonderful teachers I will be able to accomplish my goal. I am glad that these women were strong in themselves and conquered there fears and pushed through with determination.

  2. Mrs. J, She was abusive to Nicole, Nicole as some kids had a hard time with math. She never gave up, she had struggle until she went to Adult Learning Program. Gloucester is where she now lives, goes to a North Shore Community College and studying respiratory therapy.
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  3. Angle, had a hard time learning, but when she entered high school she met Mrs Brown. She taught all Angle needed to know. Mrs. Brown was a sweet woman. Angle is now a student at NKC School,she loves to travel and meet people and has two sons.

  4. I totally understand Nicole’s Issue with math. When I was in high school I wasn’t all that great in math . Math was my worse subject , still is to this day. I struggle with math everyday , there might be some things I understand but not all of it fully. In high school I use to feel like when I asked the teacher for help so many times I was driving them crazy because they had to repeat themselves so many times. So I basically gave up , I wish I didn’t cause I wouldn’t be in this situation I am in right now. Now thT I have the chance to go to the adult education at night I’m more the grateful and not Afraid to ask questions , because if I don’t ask questions I won’t get any where . So I tell myself I can’t give up , I have to stay motivated for something that I want in life .So I’m grateful for my teachers today , for helping me with the struggles I have . The teachers I have today are willing and wanting to help me and my classmates. With all the help of my teachers plus my classmates I will get it DONE! I thank everyone so much .

  5. Evan here: I understand her situation too! For example, I was a good kid. growing up I got good grades, and I played most of the sports the school’s had to offer, but it wasn’t until the beginning of middle school that I had difficulty catching up, because I was constantly moving from the states to Europe or town to town and I always felt like I had to start over. Even though I knew I was slowly progressing.. It took me a while to catch up academically to be honest, and I think that if I stayed at one school or district that I would have been more focused and motivated.

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