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Issue 43, September 2016 – TransportationCover of Issue 43

Transportation is a big deal. It’s how we get to work, school, medical appointments, the store, and home. How we get around informs how we feel. Do we arrive at work or school and then back home to our children feeling stressed from crowded buses and long waits for transfers? Or do we come and go with a fair amount of confidence that we’ll be on time, and that our transportation is accessible and dependable? With this issue of The Change Agent, learners have a chance to use this highly relevant topic as an entry point to improving their reading, writing, and math skills. Teachers will find CCR-aligned activities that help ensure they are equipping students with the skills they need for college and careers. A special section (pp. 44-49) on work in the transportation industry includes an exploration of career pathways. There are also opportunities for research, learning about your own local transit system, and taking action steps. Continue reading


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