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Issue 42, March 2016 – Talking about RaceIssue 42 Cover

Race has shaped U.S. history, continues to shape current events, and shapes our lives and our students’ lives. Yet it is a challenging topic to bring up (not to mention teach) in the classroom. If you’re not sure race matters in your teaching or to your students, just listen to what they say about it in this issue. Race matters to our self-perception, to our children, at our jobs, in our communities, and in history. Indeed, it matters in almost every aspect of life in the U.S. It is so important that we made an extra effort with this issue to offer supports to teachers. Students themselves (on pp. 3 and 41) make the case for why race should be taught in the classroom. Educators share advice and insights on pages 40, 42, 43, and in our “Issue Extras.” Throughout the magazine, students’ heartfelt stories and penetrating analyses remind us that race manifests itself internally, interpersonally, and institutionally, and the costs of ignoring it are greater than the possible costs of taking it on. Continue reading


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Subscribers: “A Sample of U.S. Political Parties: Where do they Stand on Key Issues?” has been updated and added to the Issue Extras for Issue 26, Democracy in Action.

Our latest free lesson packet is available: Race and Voting Rights in 2016! Use the context of this election year to explore voting rights in the past and present.

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We are so happy and honored to include special guests: Arizona teachers and students who contributed to this issue and who use The Change Agent in the classroom. Hear directly from them what teaching strategies work well, what keeps students engaged, and how writing for and submitting to The Change Agent affected students’ sense of themselves as writers.

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