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Issue 44, March 2017 – When We Fight We WinIssue 44

When we fight, what might we win? In this issue, writers share their stories of struggle and reflect on the large and small things they have won in the process. Maybe by fighting, they achieved their goal. Or maybe they didn’t achieve their goal yet, but by being in the fight, they’ve made friends, created community, used their voice, navigated a hard struggle, and discovered their power. What else might you win when you engage in the fight — whether it’s an internal battle or a struggle to create social and political change? Read on to find out. Continue reading


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Career Pathways
Coming in September, we are excited to announce a new issue that explores career pathways. Helping students advance in their jobs and increase their earnings has always been essential to adult education students, even more so now that the WIOA legislation requires that programs show student progress along a career pathway. In this issue, we will share success stories as well as challenges when it comes to teaching basic skills in the context of work and career readiness. Get your renewal in now so you don’t miss out! Renew here.

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When We Fight, We Win is no longer available in paper copy but can still be downloaded in full with an online subscription

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