Spotlight on Annette:
“Silence Doesn’t Achieve Anything”

Annette Bowen

Why support your students to write? Because it gives them a valuable opportunity to make sense of things that have happened to them. It helps them assert their voice and grow their leadership. It makes their story visible. It makes it possible for them to mentor other writers.

But don’t take it from me. Annette Bowen is a student at Literacy Action in Atlanta and a repeat writer for The Change Agent, covering topics from racism in public transportation to being the “L” in LGBTQ to the effects of gerrymandering on voting rights to her personal struggle with mental health during the pandemic.

Annette is a co-presenter in “Finding Voice and Developing Student Leadership through Writing” on April 3rd at the COABE conference in Atlanta, and she will be discussing the ways that writing has helped her move through many challenges, raise her voice about things that matter, and mentor other students.

Select this link to view a printable collection of Annette’s writing or view them with your subscription below!

  • Gerrymandering and the Fight for Democracy in 2020 [Read]
  • Covid Diary 2020 [Read]
  • Along the Racial Rail [Read]

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